My name’s Tom, I’m 24 and I live somewhere in the UK.

I work in a job which is fairly limited in it’s creativity outside of the need to be solving problems when they arise. This means that should I want to explore something a bit deeper, it has to be outside of where I am a lot of the time.

Language is an interest of mine, and though I used to study it in my degree, I looked largely at it from a scientific point of view: the development, acquisition, and structure of languages.

As this developed, I became more interested in the artistic side of language: of good writing and poetry. Since then, I have been reading more than I ever used to.

I also trick myself into thinking ‘writing’ is something I do, though in reality I seldom seem to sit down to do it.

Other than that I am a Christian and I’m fascinated by theology. I study that a lot too, but considering this books non-fiction due to the volume of learning, I seldom review them.

Get in touch somehow if you’d like to know more.