2017 is upon us…

This coming year I’m setting myself a series of challenges – some practical, some a bit more fun. I find that my interest in these challenges I set at the start of the year often fades around March time, so here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen again!

Within these challenges are to read more, write more, and blog at least once a week.

Being a spreadsheet user by profession, I’ve created one to track my progress, which I may post on here at milestones!

I guess this time of year is often a time of reflection…

2016 has been varied in many aspects, some good some bad. I began a new important relationship, I got a new job… but I also now have a strange level of anxiety attached to my use of time.

But that’s not the years fault – life is just like that: ups and downs.

I am not so sentimental around new years to be honest, I quite like the novelty of an opportunity to set challenges with a notable start and end date, but otherwise I have never been one to see much significance – resolutions, after all, can be set whenever. We should always be trying to improve ourselves.

Do you have any aims for the year ahead?


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