First blog post

The first post is always the hardest… how do I set a precedent for a blog which essentially has the features of:

  • No specific topic;
  • No particular aim in mind;
  • and No definite consistency

It is, therefore, essentially a personal blog on which to verbalise (visually) my thoughts. Though I do hope these are of interest to others in some manner too…

When we write, whether anyone will actually see it or not, we write for an audience of our imagining. I therefore will be writing for an audience of varying interests who will dip in and out, I assume.

The aim of any first blog post seems to be to set a tone, or outline the purpose of a blog. Well, I am bad at this. So now that this awkwardness is over, feel free to regret ever wondering what my first post was.


One thought on “First blog post”

  1. The awkward first post is always the best introduction (in my opinion) because it really shows off the writer’s unique personality.

    The real awkwardness comes with the second post–trying to figure out what to write. Trust me on this; I’ve been there.


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